If you have congenital ear defects or impairments caused by injury to your outer ear, otoplasty surgery can improve its structure through surgery in Singapore.

Successful surgery on outer ears will give you natural looking ear(s) in proportion to your facial features. Plastic surgery for big ears can improve your self-esteem if you are bothered by their size.

Children with disfigured or protruding ears too can have otoplasty. Otoplasty procedure may as well, treat ears with microtia, a rare condition where the auricle or external ear partially or rarely grows. Though surgery does not involve treatment for hearing loss, one or both ears with differing degree of protrusion can be corrected.

What is otoplasty?

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Otoplasty is also known as ear surgery which is performed to correct deformities in children or injuries which disfigure the external ear in teenagers and children. The surgery is done under general anesthesia but is not meant to correct any conditions affecting the inner or middle ear. Plastic surgeons only correct problems of the external ear structure.

You can visit an otolaryngologist if you or your child has a condition affecting your hearing. Otoplasty can be performed in accredited surgical facilities which include a hospital, an ambulatory setting or in your plastic surgeon’s office.

Do I qualify for otoplasty?

A visit to a qualified plastic surgeon will help you know if you qualify for otoplasty surgery. In your consultation meeting, you can ask your doctor to show you a before after picture of a successful case he or she has attended to similar to yours. “Pin back my ears” is probably what you would tell your doctor if you have overly protruding ears. Pin-back otoplasty or setback otoplasty is the procedure done to correct prominent ears. Otoplasty candidates are children with:

  1. General good health and without any ear infections
  2. Ability to cooperate and communicate their feelings
  3. Over 5 years old.

Teenagers and adult otoplasty candidates are:

  1. Ones in general good health
  2. Non-smokers
  3. Men or women with a positive attitude towards otoplasty and with realistic expectations.

Otoplasty candidates should only consider surgery for their personal choice and not to please anyone’s desire or achieve an ideal image.

The procedure for otoplasty

Before your ear surgery you will be given general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Children are normally given general anesthesia. Incisions are made behind the ear to reduce scarring. Before you issue the direction “pin back my ears”, understand that otoplasty surgery varies with the condition. For instance, children with microtia may require 3 to 4 operations. In the initial surgery, a graft is harvested from the child’s rib cage which is later remodeled to form a new ear with the aid of computer simulation. Modeled cartilage is then placed under skin where it will reshape. Second and third surgeries will help to raise and reshape the new ear.

Plastic surgery for big ears, or otoplasty (singapore) or an overly large lobe is treated by excising a small cartilage piece beneath the skin also called conchal resection. The ear may also be bent back towards the head and secured with permanent sutures; removable stitches will alter the new ear structure in their removal. If the cartilage is not removed or is sutured back on itself, the procedure is called cartilage-sparing otoplasty.

After reshaping the ear, surgical site is dried and incisions are sutured. Your ears will then be covered with mineral oil moistened dressing.

Is otoplasty permanent?

Almost all patients experience the fact that otoplasty surgery is permanent. Once the procedure is completed, you can expect that the shape of your ears will now look permanently smaller.

Life after ear surgery

From any review of otoplasty surgery, you will find out that most otoplasty patients have varying recovery times. Though after visits will always be recommended, you need to wear a turban-like bandage for at least 5 days following surgery. Anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers will help you through recovery. Wearing a band over the ears may be instructed for about 3 months. Avoiding contact sports for at least 3 months is also useful. Hot-styling hair tools like blow-dryers will also be prohibited. After full recovery, surgical scars will remain inconspicuous behind the ear or in the ears natural creases.

What is the cost for ear surgery?

Otoplasty surgery is sometimes considered as reconstructive rather than cosmetic and may therefore be covered by insurance. The average cost of otoplasty in Singapore is $3000-5000. In other places, otoplasty costs may depend on location, surgeon’s experience or type of procedure used. If you are considering an otoplasty plastic surgeon, enquire about your treatment plan during your consultation.

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