One of the top cosmetic surgical procedures is the rhinoplasty, which is also known as the nose job. This is a process that entails the resizing or reshaping of the nose, in order to enhance the appearance.


The procedure is carried out, with regard to specific conditions of the patient. It could be that the nose appears too larger than the size of the face, or it might be too long. Also, the nose might appear crooked or generally, it may have an uncommon size and shape.

The surgery itself will take different amount time, according to the specification or complications of the condition. Here is a look at the most common types of rhinoplasty you would find offered in the major cities.

Septoplasty: This is a surgery that is specifically designed to solve a deviated septum. It can also be called the deviated septum surgery. It is aimed at improving the obstructed airway and it is one of the delicate nose surgeries, since it covers around the air canal, which is used for breathing and airflow.

In most cases, the deviated nose septum will affect the normal breathing and that will cause some impairment. Other than the breathing, the deviated septum can also make the nose have a crooked design.

Possible Risks of Surgical Nose Jobs

The Septoplasty will be involved in specific risks and complications, which include the following;
o Bleeding. The amount of blood will vary from one patient to another.
o Damaging of the eye. In some conditions, the eye might be damaged in the process.
o The facial structures might become numb.
o The sense of taste and smell might be altered in the process.
o The patient might experience septal perforation.
Some of these conditions might be severe and will affect the lifestyle of the patient, while others will be minor and can stop in due time.
It is advised that one must contact their doctor, in order to be examined and determined if they are suitable for the procedure. The procedure will take about one hour, though the condition of the patient will affect the time.

Reduction Rhinoplasty: This is technically a procedure that is aimed at reducing the size of the nose. The nose in most cases will have a bigger size and will not be proportional to the face. The main areas of concern will be the nose bridge, which might be wider and the nostrils might also be wider.

Post Traumatic Nose Job: This is a procedure that is carried out, as a result of an accident that happened to a person. If the nose has been injured, it will mostly lose shape and the internal structures will be devastated. When the cartilages and the bones have been interfered with, this procedure will help to restore them. The procedure will also help to control the airway issues of the nose.

These are some of the major rhinoplasty surgeries that will be prescribed to a patient, with regard to their situations. Every procedure is aimed at achieving specific results and solving a certain problem.

Some might be meant to solve an internal problem that can cause breathing issues, while others will help to enhance the outward appearance of the nose.