Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is meant to fix the defects of the nose, which are related to the size and shape of the nose. Conversely, there is also another procedure that is carried out to fix the nose, which is the non-surgical nose job.

fillers-for-nose-singapore-2This is a type of medical procedure that uses fillers, which are injected in the nose to change its shape.

The process helps to fill areas of the nose that are depressed, they also help to lift the tip of the nose, as well as fix the bumps that are on the bridge of the nose. This is an augmentation process, which means that it will not reduce the size of the nose.

It is strictly a cosmetic process, but it can be applied to correct some nose conditions, like breathing problems. The patient will be injected with fillers in the soft tissues.

Different Fillers For Nose Reshaping

There are many types of fillers that are used in the non-surgical rhinoplasty and they include the following;

Voluma Fillers: This is also called Juvederm or Hyaluronic acid. It is a temporary filler, which is non allergenic and safe to apply. It will last for between six to ten months and it may be dissolved with an injection that contains hyaluronidase.

Radiesse Fillers: This is basically calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a non allergenic filler that is calcium-based and it tends to be sturdier than Voluma. This one will last for between 10 to 14 months. The process is non reversible, which means that it might have some slight change on the nose.

Artefill Fillers For Nose: This is scientifically known as Polymethylmethacrylate and it is a permanent filler. It is a made from static, atomic surgical plastic beads that are inserted in the nose. This filler will be injected along with a bovine collagen, which acts as the carrier. For that reason, the patient must go through a skin test, before this procedure. Also, it will be injected over a number of sessions, in order to give better results.

Aquamid, or Polyacrylamide gel For Nose Fillers: This is also a permanent filler that is common in Australia and Asia. Nonetheless, too many people have raised complaints about the aquamid.

Liquid Silicone Fillers: In this procedure, the medical quality silicone will be applied as permanent filler. It will be used in a microdroplet method as it is being injected into the nose.

All these fillers for nose will be used in different conditions and each fuller must be understood before being injected into the nose.

Why Are Fillers Used To Reshape Nose?


The fillers will be used in different situations. They can be used to reduce the size of the nostrils, as well as fill the sidewall depression of the nose. The fillers also help to enhance the retracted nasal spine, the lifting of the saddle nose deformation that might have been caused by an unsuccessful surgical nose jobs. Fillers can also be used in cases of trauma injuries.

The non invasive nose job fillers might also involve some complications like hematoma, infection, granulomas, or foreign body reactions, as well as discomfort. For this reason, it is reason, it is highly advised to seek medical guidance before undergoing the procedure.