Nose jobs are one of the most common and popular cosmetic procedures worldwide. The procedure, medically known as rhinoplasty, can be used to correct nasal defection for health or cosmetic purposes.

Rhinoplasty can be as simple as straightening a crooked nose to as complicated as restructuring the entire nose canal.

As far as the cost goes the more complicated the procedure the higher you should expect to pay. Therefore, if you are planning to get a nose job it is imperative you understand the factors that might come into play when pricing for the procedure. Nose jobs have become very popular even with celebrities.

This ensures that you look beautiful and confident about yourself. If you’re planning to go for a rhinoplasty procedure, choose the most reputed surgeon in town.

Do a thorough search and see the reviews from people who have gone through the same procedure. This will ensure that you get the best results. Rhinoplasty experts are available in Singapore and ready to take you through the whole process.

Cost Factor 1: Expertise and Experience of the Surgeon

All nose jobs should be done by qualified and certified surgeons only. However, their expertise and experience in the field differ. More experienced surgeons often charge more than the less experienced ones.

They may do so because they give assurance of a good job having handled numerous rhinoplasty procedures. You may be looking at $5000 dollars as surgeon’s fees.

Cost Factor 2: Type of Nose Job

The medical field is awash with new advancements brought about by research and technology. The cosmetic field, and especially rhinoplasty, has not been spared by this wave.

As with all other medical fields minimal or non-invasive rhinoplasty procedures have come to the forefront. These procedures usually lead to faster healing and often cheaper than open rhinoplasty.

A common alternative to open rhinoplasty is the use of nose fillers. This are preferred when the nose job is for cosmetic purposes and the rectification required is minimal. Opting for nose fillers will significantly reduce the price of a nose job.

Cost Factor 3: Rhinoplasty Facility

Again here the type of nose job comes into play. For minimal invasive procedures, like the use of nose fillers, you may only have to visit a surgeon’s office as an out-patient. On the other hand complicated nose surgeries have to be done in a proper hospital.

Plus for these surgeries the use anesthesia is required further impacting on the overall cost. The use of a hospital facility may be in the region of about a thousand dollars. So if you’ve been wondering, “how much does a nose surgery cost?” I guess you’ve now got a general idea.