Are you worried about stubborn fat pockets on your abdomen or flanks which have not responded to regular exercise or keen dieting? If your answer is yes, then liposonix treatment could be an ideal solution.

What Is Liposonix®?

Liposonix is a FDA approved device that is used to permanently eliminate fat cells around the abdomen and flanks for a reduced waistline. The device does not involve any form of surgery and has minimal trauma or burns to the skin. For treatment with the device, high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) is deployed 1-2 cm in the subcutaneous fat tissue just beneath the skin. The focused ultra sound energy gets rid of unwanted fat cells around the waistline for a slimmer contour. The energy source used in liposonix treatment is similar to the one used in diagnostic ultrasound but accurately targets particular sites to heat and disrupt fat cells.

Though liposonix is not an alternative to weight loss, it has an average of 1-2 inch (4-5 cm) waistline reduction. This fat reduction technique can be used for both men and women who need to eliminate their “love handles” and achieve at least a pant size or dress size. Treatment with liposonix device is so far the best non invasive fat removal technique. Treatment lasts for an hour and most patients can resume normal activities immediately unlike with other invasive cosmetic fat reduction procedures.

Liposonix® Procedure


Liposonix device is designed to permanently destroy fat cells on target cells with high intensity energy. Liposonix Singapore treatment can be done in an accredited surgical centre, a doctor’s office or in a hospital. The procedure starts with a discussion with your doctor where you can present your concerns. The doctor also explains how the procedure is done and informs you whether you are a viable candidate for the treatment. A viable candidate for the procedure signs consent forms and receives medication to reduce discomfort during treatment. During the liposonix session, waist measurements and photos of stubborn fat areas are taken.

The doctor then marks out your tummy and flank areas as a guide in fat removal. Gel is then applied on problem areas and the doctor performs an ultrasound where you can view unwanted underlying fat on the liposonix machine. The ultra sound may also identify more fat that needs to be removed and your doctor will map out the additional areas. Target areas are then treated one by one using the pulsated hand-held equipment. The liposonix device employs different levels of intensity and the doctor adjusts it to suit your comfort. A mild sensation of heat may be felt in areas receiving treatment.

You might be wondering how to reduce fat cells with liposonix – the disrupted fat tissue is eliminated from the body through the natural healing process and eventually goes to the liver where it is naturally metabolized (this is a similar way in which zeltiq coolsculpting -singapore- works). After the liposonix session ends, you may be instructed to come back after a month but it depends on your individual needs.

Am I A Good Liposonix® Candidate?


Not everybody can qualify for liposonix treatment. Liposonix treatment can work best for healthy men and women with at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of fat to lose around their flanks or abdomen. For better results, you should be closer to your ideal body weight. Doctors may recommend non-invasive liposuction if you have more fat to lose. You should always enquire for non invasive liposuction before and after photos or liposonix photos of previous patients before deciding to have treatment.

Liposonix® Results

Bruising in treated areas may appear 2 days after treatment but disappears after 2 weeks following treatment. Some liposonix results may be notable after 1 to 2 weeks. According to most liposonix reviews, 8 to 12 weeks is the time when maximum results are seen for most people. This is also the maximum time that the body takes to naturally metabolize the disrupted fat tissue. Further treatment may be needed after 3 months to reduce fat but it depends on your doctor’s advice.


It is important to understand that liposonix is not a weight loss procedure. Even after having the cosmetic procedure, healthy eating and regular exercise is essential for your wellbeing and prolonged results. Liposonix destroys targeted fat cells but surrounding fat cells may grow with poor lifestyle. To discover how much liposonix costs? go to the link. Liposonix is also heavily considered as one of the best non-invasive ways to lose weight.