What Is The Price Of Liposonix® Treatment?

Liposonix is an alternative to surgical liposuction for patients who don’t want an invasive treatment in getting rid of their love handles or abdominal fat. The cost of non invasive liposuction differs from one location to another and may also depend on the physician offering the procedure or the patient’s needs.

Liposonix fat reduction technique

Liposonix is an advanced machine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technique to safely heat and destroy fat cells on specific areas, particularly the waistline. Concentrated ultrasound energy is directed on problem areas through a handheld treatment head. Slight heat, cold or tingling may be felt as the device moves around your body.

Mild discomfort may be felt by patients after treatment. A depth of 1-2 cm beneath the skin surface is targeted to avoid burns and skin traumas. Stubborn fat cells are disrupted by the pulsating HIFU. This results in an average loss of 4 to 5 cm (1.5 to 2 inches) waistline fat. Though the treatment won’t produce dramatic fat reduction as with surgical liposuction, you can actually lose one dress or pant size when its results refine.

Non-surgical fat reduction with liposonix takes one hour to complete and has no downtime as with other cosmetic surgical procedures used in fat reduction. Most patients see their results with just one treatment but your doctor will advise you if you need to return for more fat reduction in achieving ideal body circumference.

Since the HIFU permanently destroys fat cells on problem areas, fat tissue will not return to treated sites. Surrounding fat cells on areas that have received treatment may however grow if one does not observe a healthy lifestyle. The body will naturally get rid of disrupted fat cells through the liver. It takes 8 to 12 weeks for the body to naturally metabolize the destroyed fat tissue which is also the time when maximum results become notable. Individual results may however vary in different individuals.

Liposonix® consultation

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Initial consultation is always important for any cosmetic procedure. In your liposonix consultation, seek to find out more about the procedure. You can ask questions regarding the treatment, outcomes, risks and complications as well as recovery. Other relevant things to find out in your consultation which will also guarantee your safety and fulfill your aesthetic outcomes include surgeon’s qualification and accreditation of the medical facility offering your procedure. Your doctor should also address all your concerns in detail during your meeting and offer the best treatment options for your individual need. Other Non-surgical liposuction techniques may also be recommended.

Seek to find out about the cost for the fat reduction procedure. Fees for different cosmetic procedures vary in different locations. During your consultation meeting, your individual treatment plan will be developed. The liposonix treatment cost will depend on your area needing treatment. You will be presented with a written quote based on the treatment plan. This will help you decide on whether to go on with the treatment or seek the service elsewhere.

How much does fat reduction cost?


Fat reduction costs may vary in many Singapore clinics. Different body parts that need treatment may be charged differently. Clinic prices for liposonix treatment for removal of stomach fat may cost around $2,200 or more. This is not however standard as different places have different fees for various cosmetic procedures including fat reduction. If you are thinking of having a fat reduction procedure, it is important to understand that cost of liposonix or non-invasive liposuction is cheaper than invasive liposuction.

Choosing a fat reduction procedure which is affordable to you is good but this should not make you overlook the risks or complications of your preferred treatment. Safety should be a priority and non-invasive fat reduction treatments like liposonix is safer and cheaper than traditional surgical fat removal. Plastic surgeons or physicians offering bargain fees for fat reduction procedures may sound enticing but they may not have the professional skills required in the treatment.

It is important to note that most insurance companies don’t cater for fat reduction expenses especially if it is done to fulfill cosmetic goals rather than for pure medical reasons. It is therefore important to have sufficient financial sources if you decide to have the aesthetic procedure.