Non Surgical Liposuction – Fat Loss Options


The concern of looking young at the work place and in social venues is on the rise in most men and women. Though many people have tried to lose body fat through the healthy way of exercise and diet, fat pockets may still persist in some areas leaving one with a shape which is not proportional. Non-invasive body contouring is the safest way to get rid of stubborn fat areas without imposing any injury to the patient. There are several no-invasive fat loss options which include liposonix and zeltiq coolsculpting among others. Liposonix is the latest FDA technique in getting rid of love handles and abdominal fat. Fat areas that can aslo be treated with non-surgical procedures include the chin, neck, upper arms, back, flanks, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

What are my options for non surgical fat reduction?

before-after-liposonix-coolsculpting-treatment-in-singaporeThere are several non surgical liposuction options which you can consider having. During your fat removal consultation, your doctor will advise you on the best procedure to have based on your individual needs. Unlike slimming tablets or creams sold over-the-counter, non surgical fat reduction makes use of sophisticated tools and machines. The use of laser devices which use heat to destroy fat cells eliminates the use of painful cannulas in the traditional way of dislodging fat before it is suctioned out of the body.

Liposonix Slimming With Body Contouring

If you are hoping to lose one dress or pant size, liposonix could be your ideal fat removal treatment. This treatment makes use of high-intensity focused ultrasound to remove abdominal and waistline fat. One treatment session could just be enough to lose 1 inch (2.5 cm) of waistline fat. The fees for each liposonix treatment costs as low as a few hundred dollars and can swell up to a few thousand dollars depending on how much treatment you want.

Coolsculpting Fat Freezing

Coolsculpting is one of the safest modern ways of fat removal from the body. This non-surgical procedure cools and freezes unwanted fat cells which are then naturally processed out of the body. This fat treatment option is FDA-cleared and safe.

Another new way of removing stubborn fat pockets is i-Lipo. This procedure uses external pads which use low-level laser beam to disrupt the fat cell chemistry which releases lipase. Lipase is an enzyme which breaks down triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids inside the fat cells. The compounds are then transported to various body tissues and processed to create energy. After treatment, you have to workout regularly for the body to utilize the released fatty acids and create energy. This is a safe technique that can be used on different body parts.

Benefits of non invasive fat loss

Non-invasive fat loss options have minimal or no side effects compared to surgical fat removal. Most non-invasive fat removal options reduce the size of a number of fat cells without any pain. Swelling, bruising or scarring is also not experienced like in invasive procedures. Some of the non-surgical fat loss options offer patients spa-like experience; you can listen to music, read a book or even make phone calls as you receive treatment. Everyone has his or her individual needs in fat removal. It is therefore better to consult with a professional physician on your ideal non invasive fat removal option.